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A little IVF round 2 update, a long overdue one! So — where am I at in this cycle? In a nutshell? Still on meds, and awaiting the big embryo transfer day! But, there has been some news! Before we talk about the news though, a confession. Truth be told I thought I had this cycle in the bag. Thought I was doing so well handing it all! Thought I was above letting it make me crazy this time around… but. I was wrong. This last week has been hard. Really hard… and I’ve been


IVF Round 2.0 | FET Cycle | IVF Journey

IVF round 2.0 is officially upon us. Tomorrow evening I will stab myself (or my husband will if I chicken out) for the first time in this new cycle. Un-boxing all these meds + allllllllllll the needles made me feel two things… terror. and hope. I feel like those two feelings were present through so much of our past journey. I’m not one bit surprised by the flood of emotions to be honest. It’s a roller coaster trying to create a life with the support of medical professionals

Journey to IVF, the countdown continues!

As always preceding a new treatment I spend hours reading; reading books, blogs, and articles from other infertiles, doctors, and scientists about success rates, treatment methods, causes, and experiences. I read two articles today that inspired me to share a bit about what’s going on in our journey at this point, and a little background… I decided after my last treatment, prior to my last two surgeries that I would not let myself fall into the hole of self pity that normally comes

2014… the start of a more personal side of my blog!

I’ve been meaning to add a bit more of “me” to this blog for quite some time. I want my clients to know me, and think of me as Jessica the person, not Jessica the random chic who is photographing their kids. It’s important to me to build a relationship with my clients, to make you feel comfortable with having me around your kiddos, and to make you feel comfortable talking to/working with me from start to finish on your session. Not only that, I wanted to explain a bit

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