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Happy Holidays from the JSP family | NEPA Photographer

It’s almost time for my very own Christmas season to begin, once I wrap up editing and delivering all of your sweet holiday sessions! The majority of September through mid-December I work, a lot. I shoot 3x a week what I normally shoot, and I edit every waking moment, and there are a ton of waking moments for me this time of year. So, while I look forward to capturing all of your very special and precious holiday moments, I count down the days until I get to start those celebrations with

D800 practice for my big kid! | Shavertown PA Photographer

When you let the big kid play with the big camera, and he gets these! Well, he got most of them. Future photographer on my hands here? He likes to use my Nikon D800, and I love that he wants to learn how to. He has a camera of his own, but the big DSLR is way more fun! This year I plan to take a lot more time letting him play around with my camera, and learning in the process!

My little babes first snow day! | Shavertown PA Photographer

I don’t post enough about my own kids, heck I don’t even post enough period! I can’t help but share these now that my editing world has slowed down for the week, and I’m able to take a peek at some of the shots I’ve grabbed of my own littles this past year! Baby’s first snow day was… ok… as long as she didn’t have to touch it!

NEPA Family Magazine Cover! | NEPA Custom Portrait Photographer

It’s been one crazy month, or going on five weeks, of illness and medical issues for me. To say I’ve gotten behind on almost 5 weeks of bed rest, three hospital trips, two admissions, and lord only knows how many doctors visits I am happy to report that we have a diagnosis and treatment plan in place! I was diagnosed all month with a “static migraine” and basically told by the first two hospitals, and most doctors that I may just have to endure it for the duration of my

Journey to IVF, the countdown continues!

As always preceding a new treatment I spend hours reading; reading books, blogs, and articles from other infertiles, doctors, and scientists about success rates, treatment methods, causes, and experiences. I read two articles today that inspired me to share a bit about what’s going on in our journey at this point, and a little background… I decided after my last treatment, prior to my last two surgeries that I would not let myself fall into the hole of self pity that normally comes

Oh Christmas Tree… | NEPA Photographer

My apologies for the delay… and the extension of Christmas far beyond where I should probably be posting about it 😛 I blame it on the fact that I’ve basically been one version of sick or another since Christmas Eve! I don’t know if it’s been my hiatus from teaching ZUMBA®, or my laziness, or the season, or the stars mis-aligning but I cannot seem to stay healthy! First Strep and a double ear infection Christmas Eve, then a sinus infection, then a stomach virus, and now a

2014… the start of a more personal side of my blog!

I’ve been meaning to add a bit more of “me” to this blog for quite some time. I want my clients to know me, and think of me as Jessica the person, not Jessica the random chic who is photographing their kids. It’s important to me to build a relationship with my clients, to make you feel comfortable with having me around your kiddos, and to make you feel comfortable talking to/working with me from start to finish on your session. Not only that, I wanted to explain a bit

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