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Soon to be three! |Hillside Farms | Shavertown PA Photographer

We laughed, we nearly cried (from all of the laughing!) we got drenched, we hid in the Hillside gazebo from a monsoon… We even went out into the monsoon just to get the last few frames we wanted. To say I have fun with these two crazy cats would be a vast understatement. I simply love maternity sessions, and this one was one of my favorites. I love being able to capture such  magical time in a families lives from the start. Can’t wait to meet their little guy soon!

p.s. pardon the over-sharing… but this is just an example of the incredible number of images that come out of custom sessions! I aim to squeeze in as much variety in expression, connection, pose, angle, and location as I can get out of our time together!

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