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Why choose custom photography?

What is custom photography?

Well, it’s a lot of things to be honest… but to name a few important ones…

It’s an investment! An important investment in cataloging special times in your life, and the lives of your loved ones. An investment gives back in that one day you’ll just have these custom images to look back on, to smile, laugh and even sometimes cry (happy tears of course) about.

Yes, choosing custom portraiture is more of a luxury experience than your average trip to the mall photo shop, or big chain studios. There is no doubt about that.

 It’s more expensive, no doubt about it. I realize I am not the photographer for everyone, nor is custom photographer for everyone. It is an investment in creativity, in the heart and soul that your custom photographer is putting into that session, the quality handmade props and items that your photographer purchased from small businesses just like ours that poured love and creativity in those items, it is images that don’t look exactly like the other 390,824,986,103,583 people you know who went to the big name studios.

An investment in time, for both the client & the photographer. So much time is involved in creating a polished, professional and memorable session for a client. Personalized service, better choices and a high end quality product are certainly a luxury.  The result of all this are heirloom quality images, moments in your life captured to be admired for many years to come.  The time invested at your session is just a small slice of the time we invest in creating your images & experience.

Is custom a custom photography session for you?

Only you can decide that one. I’ll tell you why I make the choice to set aside and invest in custom portraiture for me own family with some other special & talented ladies…

To me, there is X$ set aside every year for my family to invest in photo sessions, and I choose to hire other amazing photographers to capture these special times for me. Why when I have the knowledge and everything I need gear wise to do it myself? Because I can’t be a part of it while I’ve got my photographer hat on. Wearing the Mom & Photographer hats at the same time is HARD. But the main reason? I have a passion for photography (obviously) but more than that I have a passion for all the puffy hearts & feels I get from looking at the beautiful art that is created in a custom session. For the joyful tears that pop up when I walk buy one of those giant canvases or prints that scatter throughout our home. Time stopped just for that minute when that photographer clicked the shutter, and in the form of frozen moments in a photograph I have something to hold onto. To me that investment is one of the most important ones I make each year. This year alone (in my daughters first year of life) I have invested thousands in other photographers, on top of all the little sessions I’ve done for her. We have two custom sessions already booked for 2016 because I know these years don’t slow down, as much as we wish we could make them!

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